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Lungs and Wings, Necessary Things

Proceeds of this print go to the

Open Medicine Foundation

OMF is a research center located at Stanford University to fast-track revolutionary research for ME/CFS (Myalgic Encephalomyelitis -Chronic Fatigue Syndrome) and related chronic complex diseases.


OMF was founded in 2012, by scientist, caregiver Linda Tannenbaum in response to the complete lack of funding and coordinated research for ME/CFS. The team is headed by the world-renowned inventor, research scientist Dr. Ron Davis and includes three Nobel Laureates. The stakes could not be higher. Dr. Davis’s son Whitney, a wonderful photographer, is on the most severe end of the spectrum. He is bedridden and at this point unable to eat, tolerate light, sound or touch.  OMF has accomplished a lot with limited resources. This talented group knows how to get things done. Funding is the limiting factor.

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